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Two rulings were made by the judge on March 22nd. 
1. Our exemption is allowed. 
2. Trustee is allowed to change his motion.  

The decision on whether my domain name is property of the estate is still to be determined.  

March 8th hearing has been continued to March 22nd.

Feb. 23, 2017 UPDATE
There is some good news to report and some upsetting news. 

The good news is that last night the Arizona federal court dismissed with prejudice Arizona Heidi’s cybersquatting claims against us, which means that they cannot be asserted again in the future. This is the outcome we expected to happen within the first few weeks after she filed the suit against us. I have to say, it’s been an exhausting and emotional seven months trying to make this happen. We are very relieved that it’s over. 

The bad news is, we are having to continue fighting for my name as Arizona Heidi is continuing the attempt to steal it though the bankruptcy court. As you know she caused our released bankruptcy from 2012 to be reopened by offering the trustee $10,000 if he would re-open it, take my name and sell it to her. 

After attending the first bankruptcy hearing we had great news that the trustee had filed a motion with the court and we would be retaining my name. That motion is public & can be looked up (dated Dec. 30th) a nutshell the trustee said "it is unclear whether the domain name is an asset of the bankruptcy estate. It is unclear whether Debtors properly claimed the exemption in the domain name”. Even so, we filed an amended schedule and he allowed us to use $7,953 of unclaimed exemptions and make up the difference (of the $10,000) by giving him $2,047, the so called non-exempt portion. I delivered the money to our attorney’s office that day and we celebrated this the next day on New Years Eve. 

The next hearing which we believed would sign & seal that motion was set for Jan. 25th. Sometime between Dec. 30th and Jan. 13th, on finding out the trustee was not selling her the name, Arizona Heidi’s attorney, called the trustee and said she would now pay him $20,000 instead of $10,000. The trustee then moved the next hearing date to March 11th (*correction, he moved the next hearing date to March 8th) to give himself time. The bad news happened yesterday as the trustee has yet again changed his mind by striking his own motion allowing us to keep my name and has filed a new motion saying he is now selling it to AZ Heidi instead, for $20,000 this time. 

My continued ownership of the domain name, which is my name, I AM Heidi Powell, will come down to the bankruptcy court’s ruling. 

We thank all of you who have supported and are still supporting us with kind words, prayers and donations. We have been able to apply $1,042.77 of what’s been donated so far to our bill with Tom Lester and are very grateful for this. We are still seeking monetary help as there remains a very large balance and that continues to grow until we no longer need to be defended. 
My name has been Heidi Powell since 1979 and my husband gave me the domain name in 2005 as an anniversary present. 

Another “Heidi Powell,” who didn’t become “Heidi Powell” until a few years ago, has been trying to take the domain name from me and someone needs to tell her to STOP!

She couldn't buy it from us and couldn't get it transferred to her in the name of "cybersquatting". 

Time for her to stop now, right?... but oh no, what happened next is unconscionable! Now she is attempting to steal it by taking advantage of our 2012 misfortune, trying to use our old bankruptcy as a way to take the domain name. I'm afraid to ask what she will do next. 

Her actions are not right.  This needs to stop.  It is an injustice, and mean spirited. 

If reading this has moved you to do so, please stand with us by using the Twitter button on the right (desktop) or above (mobile), to send Narcissist Heidi a tweet, asking her to STOP it now.

Thank you for your support!

Heidi Powell - Since 1979
Narcissist Heidi Powell wants her dot0com and she wants it now, now, NOW!
If you feel so moved, 
please send this Tweet to Narcissist Heidi.  

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About Donations

Accepting donations for bankruptcy fees and travel expenses to the Arizona court if necessary. Any amount that is raised over and above what is needed to cover those expenses will be donated to the ICA "INTERNET COMMERCE ASSOCIATION". The ICA is a non profit advocating for the rights and interests of domain name owners and related service providers. 

"It's mine and has been so since 2005. A 26th anniversary gift from my husband. He made me Heidi Powell in 1979 and gave me my name again in 2005 ❤️️ " 
                                                                                                       Heidi Powell


TV star Heidi Powell sues grandmother Heidi Powell over website

Narcissist Heidi Powell wants her dot-com and she wants it now, now, NOW!

WTF: Heidi Powell files cybersquatting lawsuit against Heidi Powell over

Reality star Heidi Powell wants to drop cybersquatting case, but lawyer says ‘not so fast’





Grandma Powell arguing that domain is not property


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Since 2005 

Heidi Powell - Marketing Consultant - Website Designer

Kent & Heidi Powell

Kent and Heidi Powell
Here we are looking silly, at the "Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services - Hands For Hope Auction". We were caught by surprise when our daughter won the bid on the Caribbean Cruise!  So excited for them!      

About Heidi Powell

Heidi lives in the Great Pacific Northwest, between Seattle Washington and Vancouver BC, with her dear husband Kent, of 37 years. Together they have two beautiful daughters and two equally beautiful grandchildren, the joys of their lives.

Heidi and Kent have worked in the marketing and advertising world for over 25 years, helping hundreds of small business owners get customers through their doors. When it comes to advertising your business they are experts in the field. Both Heidi and Kent hold knowledge of what is currently working for local businesses and the unique markets they serve.  

Heidi offers free advice to local businesses needing facts on various forms of ad investments and web presence. Online & offline she assists with Google PPC, Facebook Ads, Google My Business Profiles, Facebook Fan Page set up, listing your business in the top search engines and data aggregators, directory print advertising, yellow page audits of your ad program with YP or other directory companies (to determine if you're loosing or gaining from the program), recommendations of what directories to be in (not a type error, directory advertising is still paying off in 2016, regardless of what you've heard, she can show you proof), building mobile optimized websites, SEO, as well as citations and mentions of your business across the internet. Heidi's goal is to help small businesses succeed at being found, while promoting a company's vision in an affordable and meaningful way. Her clients are testaments to her honesty, trustworthiness and genuine care for the success of each business she helps. Her name is her virtue.

In addition to her marketing expertise Heidi has strong organizational skills and is multi-artistically talented. She has been interested in art since the age of 5, became a dancer at age 8 and continued with formal training through High School. In the mid 70's Heidi tried out for and was voted into membership of Spokane Washington's elite, all city, talent club "Dasidrian", which was formed in the Roaring 20's. Heidi has danced for local civic and philanthropic groups, in repertory theater and on television. She majored in Commercial Art in college and draws her energy from the creative process. Her pen & ink art has been featured in national magazines and a design she created for a nearby city won a civic award. She's done window display and window painting, owned a graphic business which designed logos, two for local non profits, created print products and a local direct mail publication featuring offers from businesses throughout Whatcom County. The books were published every six weeks for over four years, at which time she sold the business.  Soon after, she was hired as an account rep. for "The Plaid Book", selling directory advertising to small and large businesses alike in North Snohomish, Skagit, Island, San Juan and Whatcom Counties. Business owners in these communities know and love her for the hours of genuine help and knowledge she's given them. 

She's creative! Heidi loves creating from all mediums. While holding the "Cultural Arts & Crafts Director" position at The Boy's & Girl's Club of Whatcom County she designed and built elaborate props for the first ever, public haunted houses in Bellingham WA. Heidi did set design for haunted house TV commercials for KVOS TV, who then requested her set design talents for a Vancouver BC attorney commercial. She designed and built elaborate props for the Whatcom County Humane Society Gala Auction (a giant dog house for the auctioneer to stand in, plus other elaborate, animal related props). She built two award winning "Ski to Sea" parade floats, one most difficult adorned with a giant 7 foot animated whale that spouted water from it's blow hole as it traveled down the street. Kent is her greatest champion and says of Heidi "I married her for her blunt honesty. I'm very proud of the work she does, and believe there's nothing that she can't create or build". 

If you're a small business in need of marketing advice or in search of a website design that represents your business in the way you envision it, give her a call. If you are looking for someone to brainstorm or think tank creative ideas, give her a call. She'd love to listen and talk to you, exploring the possibilities of helping your business be seen! 

Website Design

A beautiful place to live, work and play! 

"We spend our time rejuvenating, combing the local beaches, strolling the waterfront boardwalk and fishing in the small lakes around the area.

Loving the water and islands we take short trips to the San Juan Islands several times a year. The islands are a stones throw away and visible from our shore and hilltops. Our marina provides sight seeing boat trips out to see the Orca whales pods and a joyful experience when they appear.  

If all that wasn't enough, Mount Baker to the east in all her glory can be seen from various locations around town.  It's just a short drive up the hill to experience snow year round.

We are truly fortunate to live and love in this place we call home." ~ Heidi  

Heidi & Kent Powell fishing at Lake Sammish with the dog
Heidi & Kent Powell at Bellingham Bay
Heidi & Kent Powell at Baker Lake
Heidi & Kent Powell at sunset on Bellingham Bay
Heidi & Kent Powell at Silver Lake
Heidi & Kent Powell kissing on the beach
Heidi & Kent Powell at Taylor Dock
Heidi & Kent Powell at Squalicum Harbor
Heidi Powell taking a break from designing a website, visiting  Roche Harbor WA
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